Weight Loss Procedures

Weight loss can feel like an uphill battle. If you're seeking an alternative to the diet rollercoaster, Omaha Gastric Bypass can help. We offer a range of surgical and non-surgical weight loss options, from bariatric surgery to dietary aids, giving you a safe and effective path to optimal health.

Surgical Weight Loss Options

Surgical Weight Loss Options

When you're ready to explore bariatric surgery, our dedicated specialists will work with you to determine your best surgical path. We offer a variety of weight loss surgery options, including gastric bypass surgery, adjustable gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy.

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Medical Weight Loss Options

Medical Weight Loss Options

We are dedicated to providing the best tools and education possible to help you at every stage of your weight loss journey. We offer a range of high quality meal replacements, vitamins and supplements to aid you in reaching your health goals.

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Omaha Gastric Bariatric Team

Our Dedicated Team

Our team, led by Dr. Thomas White, has a passion for helping patients reach their health goals. By providing guidance for both bariatric surgery and other non-surgical options, we are committed to equipping each patient with the tools and information they need for healthy weight loss. We are the area's most experienced in laparoscopic procedures, completing 99% of our bariatric surgery procedures laparoscopically.

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About Omaha Gastric Bypass

Our program is a full continuum of care from the
beginning stages of your weight loss journey through
post-operative care. We have a dedicated team of nurses,
nurse practitioner, dietitian, pharmacist, physician
assistants and administrative staff that will care for you
during your successful weight loss surgery...

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