Am I a Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery

For those struggling to lose weight, surgery can often seem like the answer. Forcing the body to make choices that willpower alone may not be able to accomplish, bariatric surgery carries many advantages.

However, you may find yourself asking, “am I a candidate for weight loss surgery?” Determining whether you are a candidate for weight loss surgery is the first step in pursuing a bariatric surgery. While appropriate for many patients suffering from excess weight, weight loss surgery is not right for everyone. If you are considering a consultation with Omaha Gastric Bypass, you are encouraged to review the criteria necessary for surgery.

Physical Requirements

Bariatric surgeries  are very safe and extremely common, but may not be the best option for all weight loss surgery candidates. . In order to minimize risks and complications, patients must meet a series of requirements. If most or all of these criteria pertain to you, you may be considered for weight loss procedures.

  • 40 or higher BMI
  • 35 to 39 BMI coupled with a serious weight-related condition, like heart disease or diabetes
  • Weight loss needs of over 100 pounds
  • Interest in a healthy lifestyle after surgical recovery
  • Prolonged effort to lose weight through diet and exercise

Requirements may differ for those with unusual circumstances, like pregnant women. In order to truly determine your eligibility, be sure to speak to a licensed physician.

Mental Requirements

Physical requirements are only one element considered when determining bariatric surgery eligibility. . Any serious surgery can have emotional consequences, especially in matters that relate to body image. Weight loss is often a hard road; when coupled with surgical recovery some individuals will find the weight loss journey to be even more difficult.

In addition, weight loss surgery requires a lifelong lifestyle change. Many everyday expectations must be adjusted, including dietary shifts and exercise requirements. All patients must be prepared to adhere to new rules in order to recover successfully. A positive mental shift is necessary and should be demonstrated prior to surgery.

Exploring Your Options

Meeting physical and mental requirements may not mean you are a perfect weight loss surgery candidate. Even with advances in medical innovation, risks exist in bariatric surgery. . In addition, surgery is largely permanent; while some procedures can be reversed, this process should not be counted on. As such, weight loss surgery candidates must be ready to accept life-long physical changes in addition to any complications that could arise during surgery. These factors can be discussed with a physician or counselor in order to best reach a decision.

At Omaha Gastric Bypass, we are eager to help you answer the question ‘am I a candidate for weight loss surgery?’ Call our offices at 402.572.3663, 402.758.5544  or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation and let us help you find the perfect fit for you.

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*Note that these are approximate values, and are intended to be used only as a rough guide.

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