Medical Weight Loss Options

Losing weight is a journey, and knowing your medical weight loss options can help you along that journey. Diet and exercise work for many people, but these basics aren’t right for everyone. If you are hesitant to undergo surgery or are still weighing your options, our team is prepared to help you choose the best medical weight loss procedure for you. With access to leading surgical and non-surgical options, Omaha Gastric Bypass can assist you in finding the right solution for your needs.

Medical Weight Loss

If you have attempted to commit to a weight loss regimen without much success, it may be time to consider alternatives. Medical weight loss can open many doors for those in need, providing another way to seek desired results. Medical weight loss options extend from use of prescriptions and supplements to surgical and non-surgical procedures, providing an option for every patient and preference.

Bariatric Surgical Procedures

For those unable to lose weight through conventional methods, surgical weight loss is often the best available option. As a leading center for bariatric solutions, we are able to offer numerous surgical processes and procedures.

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

Better known simply as a gastric bypass, a Roux-en-Y procedure entails creating a smaller pouch out of the stomach that can be attached to the small intestine. This reduces the size of the stomach and shortens the digestive tract, limiting appetite and stomach capacity.

Adjustable Gastric Band

Gastric banding requires the use of an adjustable gastric band that is placed around the top of the stomach. This lessens the available space within the stomach, reducing the amount of food that can be consumed and slowing the digestive process.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

The most permanent of the surgical procedures, a sleeve gastrectomy involves a removal of the majority of the stomach, leaving a small sleeve in its place. As with other surgical options, the smaller stomach pouch makes it harder to eat large meals and unhealthy foods.

Non-Surgical Procedures

Surgery isn’t right for everyone. If you are not interested in surgical options, you may check our non-surgical medical weight-loss options. . One non-surgical option is ORBERA, a balloon inserted into the stomach. ORBERA provides patients with appetite suppression in a temporary, removable way .

Millions of adults struggle to achieve weight loss. If you’re still exploring your medical weight loss options or would like to speak to an educated professional, Omaha Gastric Bypass is always here to help. Call one of our offices today at 402.572.3663 or 402.758.5544. You can also schedule an appointment online today with our online contact form.

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