Non-Surgical Weight Loss Options

If you are not a candidate for weight loss surgery or would like to try another option before considering surgery, Omaha Gastric Bypass is pleased to provide access to exclusive non-surgical weight loss options that may be right for you. As a provider of ORBERA, a highly effective balloon-based weight loss system, we offer an alternative unparalleled by any clinic in the greater Omaha area.

What Is Non-Surgical Weight Loss?

Undergoing surgery is not right for everyone, and may not be right for you. Non-surgical weight loss options are valid, alternative options to surgery.  Non-surgical weight loss options include lifestyle changes and non-invasive procedures.  One non-invasive procedure involves a temporary implement that is inserted into the stomach, mimicking a surgical reduction. The implement reduces appetite and restricts food consumption.

All weight loss procedures are taken seriously at Omaha Gastric Bypass. Whether you choose a surgical or a non-surgical approach to losing weight and staying healthy, our full team of medical professionals will be involved throughout the duration of your care. From counseling to nutrition planning, we are able to support you from beginning to end.


ORBERA is a non-surgical balloon inserted into the stomach through the mouth. Patients are given a small dose of anesthesia to increase comfort during the procedure. Once the balloon is in place, a syringe is used to inflate it. The balloon takes up room in the stomach and creates a false sense of fullness. The process takes less than an hour, and patients are free to return home the same day. After approximately six months of use, the balloon is removed in a similar process to insertion. During use, patients will learn positive fitness and dietary habits that can then be applied to everyday living.

Weighing Your Options

Both surgical and non-surgical weight loss can be very effective, providing patients with many decisions to make. Our team is more than happy to assist you in exploring the benefits of non-surgical weight loss programs. We can help you navigate the pros and cons, manage your expectations, and provide a plan customized to your body and your goals. Our surgeons and support staff are experienced in creating personalized treatment plans, ensuring you get the compassionate guidance that’s right for you, your health, and your lifestyle.

If you are ready to discuss your non-surgical weight loss options, call Omaha Gastric Bypass today at 402.572.3663 or 402.758.5544 or complete our online contact form. Weight loss is a deeply personal journey, and no one understands that like Omaha Gastric Bypass.

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