Adapting a new diet or exercise routine in a way that complements, not conflicts with, the rest of your life, can be nearly impossible, leaving you feeling frustrated and alone. If traditional methodologies aren’t making a difference but you’re not sure surgery is right, ORBERA, a gastric balloon procedure, may be your perfect fit.

As a leading provider of ORBERA, Omaha Gastric Bypass is happy to help you lose weight safely and efficiently. We know how hard weight loss can be, especially when you’re fighting a losing battle but with our help, you can explore the safe, non-surgical alternatives you need to stay healthy and live your best life today.


orbera-in-stomachORBERA is a revolutionary weight loss solution that does not require surgical procedures or the use of dietary supplements. A durable gastric balloon made from soft silicon, ORBERA is inserted into the stomach without an incision for a period of approximately six months. The balloon takes up room in the stomach, reducing your appetite, shrinking your stomach naturally, and training your body to be satisfied by smaller meals. When the six-month period is up, ORBERA is safely removed, allowing you to carry your healthy habits forward.

How Does ORBERA Work?

ORBERA insertion is a non-surgical outpatient procedure offered by Omaha Gastric Bypass. The balloon is inserted orally through the esophagus and placed directly into the stomach.

Balloon Insertion

Prior to insertion, your doctor will perform a diagnostic endoscopy procedure to ensure a safe outcome. Then, after mild sedation, the gastric balloon will be inserted. Once in place, a syringe is used to inflate the balloon to approximately the size of a grapefruit. This entire process generally lasts no longer than 30 minutes, and you will be able to return home after two to three hours of recovery.

Balloon Removal

After the six-month use period, the balloon will be removed in a procedure very similar to insertion. The air will be drained and your doctor will remove the balloon orally. When used in conjunction with proper lifestyle changes as recommended by your doctor, ORBERA patients generally lose up to three times the weight of diet and exercise alone.

ORBERA with Omaha Gastric Bypass

As a licensed provider of ORBERA, Omaha Gastric Bypass is prepared to help you begin your weight loss journey. Providing expert physician resources, a counseling team, and years of experience working with this revolutionary product, we are able to promote healthy, effective weight loss in countless patients across greater Omaha. Our team is fully prepared to provide the guidance and counseling you need to make the most of your gastric balloon experience.

If you are considering a gastric balloon procedure, our medical team is standing by. We’re happy to help with initial consultations and case evaluation, working with you to promote the results you deserve. Contact us today at 402-572-3663 or 402-758-5544 to schedule an appointment with Omaha Gastric Bypass.

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